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Thank You Various Outline Sticker DD2303

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This is a high quality vinyl sticker that can be used on various surfaces including paper, metal, plastic, glass, candles etc.! Remove the excess vinyl from around the outside of the sticker before using. This will make it easier to see where the sticker is and pick it up from the backer sheet when applying to a surface. Use a knife or pointed tool to pick up corner of sticker and place on surface. If it is a larger sticker you may want to place the sticker upside down on a scrap layer of paper that is approx. the same size on the surface you are applying the sticker to and then place the real layer on top lining the edges up with the scrap layer and drop real layer onto sticker. The large sticker will be attached where desired.

actual sticker sheet size is 4" x 9"

Sticker colors... BACKGROUND vs. FOREGROUND

TRANSFER SHEET... how to use with Outline Stickers!
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