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Outline Sticker Organizer Book - NEW DESIGN!

Published: December 1, 2021

Get organized... this is a great product for organizing those Outline Style Stickers! Durable vinyl cover features 24 pages with 2 pockets per page for 48 compartments!

NEW UPDATED DESIGN now has a wider 1 5/8" binding, wider individual page pockets and a elastic binding band to hold organizer closed and in shape even under heavier loads!

Can be used for other products of similar size or smaller as well... GET ORGANIZED and have all your items at your fingertips! This is an amazing product for those sticker enthusiasts who want to be organized! A clear heavy vinyl cover (allows you to see at a glance what color or category of stickers are in the book) holds 24 pages, each with 2 vertical pockets so a total of 48 pockets! Each pocket can be loaded from front and/or back so a total of 96 different skews or designs of sticker sheets can be displayed in a book. Each pocket will hold anywhere from 1-6 sticker sheets comfortably, so multiples of any sheets are not a problem! Of course, stickers are only the tip of the iceberg as to what you can organize in these affordable durable organizers... die cuts, scrapping supplies, dies, paper supplies and more!

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