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Stamp On It

Floral 12 Daisy, Vintage Hue Acetate

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This is a high quality print on Art Acetate (8 1/2 x 11 overall size)

Number of images per sheet may vary according to image selection.  2 sheets per package on all Black Print, Background Print, and Silhouettes…  1 sheet per package on the Vintage Hues(full color prints)

Art Acetate is a clear heatable acetate that can be cut/trimmed with a trimmer or scissor as desired. 

Adhesive to use varies according to surface you are adhering to and desired finished look.  Check out our VIDEO SECTION for more information and inspiration on using our ART ACETATES!

Art Acetate category explanations:

Black Print:  these are Art Acetate designs that generally are  line images that can be colored in with permanent markers, colored glitters, embossing powders etc.

Background Print:  are designed to create an all-over  background design…  enhance by laying them over color or printed cardstocks/papers or create backgrounds using glitters, leafing, embossing powders etc and layer the Background Art Acetate over top for stunning effects!  Simply change the “base layer” color/finish/texture etc to change the finished look from soft to bold, feminine to masculine, spring to fall, etc.!

Silhouette Print: these simple but usually solid/bold images are designed to layer over other Art Acetate Prints /or Vintage Hues or use like Background Prints and layer over colored /or printed papers and cardstocks to create desired finish!  Work great as a top layer in shaker card projects!  (check out the Purple Rose Butterfly Vintage Hue and Butterflies Silhouette designs for sample)

Vintage Hues:  are full color print, 4-6 per sheet and stunningly beautiful used as is or can be enhanced/embellished with Crystal Clear Glitter to specific areas (front or back depending on look desired) OR the Vintage Hues are most stunning when used with our GlitterFilm (white) for an “all-over” shimmer(see instructions included with product for easy application)

Floral 12 Daisy coordinates with our Rectangle Overlays for framing