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Daisy Background Art Acetate

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Our Art Acetates are high quality prints on heatable, embossable acetate and can be used with Crystal Lacquer dimensional clear adhesive to embellish with our blends of ultra fine glitters or just our Crystal Clear glitter to add highlighting!  Apply adhesive and glitters to printed side of acetate. 

Vintage Hue Prints(colored) are 1 acetate sheet per package gives you 4 prints or more per pkg perfectly printed so that the sheets can be trimmed and layered onto standard or larger cards, used in scrapbook pages, or trimmed and layered for breath-taking dimensional artwork! Back image with our GlitterFilm White Adhesive Backed sheet for a breathtaking shimmer finish!

Black Prints(black ink) are 2 sheets per package giving you 8 or more prints per pkg.  Use Crystal Lacquer and colored glitters, colored sand or embossing powders(no need to heat, use as a texture/color like glitters but no shimmer giving you a more natural finish)

Background Prints can be used as is and layered over cardstock, papers, background papers, or over backgrounds created using our Adhesive Sheets and glitter, embossing powder, or colored sand.  Or use the Crystal Lacquer as your adhesive putting a few dots of adhesive where there is dark print.  Adhere our GlitterFilm to the back to produce a beautiful all over shimmer!

Printed directions in all packaging more specific to the type of Art Acetate in the package.

Check out our video section for additional techniques and ideas!

Note:  this package contains 4 background prints per sheet, 2 sheets per pkg.(8 prints total)